What happens when three brothers get fed up with seeing the same old selection of bland decal options day in and day out? They found their own company. At least that’s what three brothers from Orange County, CA did. After founding The Decal Lab during the summer of 2010, these three brothers have become like superheroes. Except they don’t wear their underwear outside of their pants, and their superpower is a love for amazing decals with tons of character.

Since then, this family owned business has developed a reputation for creating top-quality decals for cars, laptops, windows, just about anywhere! Not only that, you can buy with confidence knowing The Decal Lab prides itself on outstanding customer service. Brothers Perry, Collin, and Nathaniel stand behind each and every one of their handmade decals, and they’re ready to help with anything you need during your order. In fact, they’d reach through the computer to hold your hand if they could, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. And it’s a little creepy.


Web Design / Decal Production


Founder / Lead Designer


Founder / Operations Manager